If I Don’t Know, Can I Still Lead?

Can we lead when we don’t know all the answers?

In Matthew 24:36 Jesus says this concerning his return, “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

Jesus had just concluded a time of telling his disciples about what it will look like and what to expect when this time grew near, but what he could not tell them is when it would happen.  He was uncertain, because for whatever reason, his Father had not given him that information.

Jesus told his disciples there was something he did not know.

Think about this, Jesus had been leading this group by doing and saying things that no one else had ever done. To this point Jesus had answered every question with certainty and then backed it up by walking in the truth of that answer. And now, there is something he doesn’t know.

How often do we find ourselves in situations where we don’t know all the answers? If you are like me, quite often. This can be very frustrating. Not knowing all the answers gets even more pressure packed when you are responsible for a group of people and all of them are looking to you to give direction.

What are we supposed to do when we don’t know all the answers? I think we should give up. We should give up thinking that we have to know all the answers to lead.

Jesus was uncertain about a fact but He was certain about His purpose.

Jesus gives great example to us of how to lead by focusing on what (or who) we do know and not getting lost in what (or who) we don’t. Jesus was locked into the vision of why He left heaven and came to earth. Even when times got tough and to the point of agony, tears and even wanting to avoid what was coming his way,  he did not bail out because he did not know everything.

We need to realize that when leading there will be many times when we will not know all the answers. It is in those times when our team looks to us to lead them that we must take our focus off of what we don’t know and lean into what we actually do know.

Jesus was locked into his father’s vision and was certain about His calling and purpose.  We can lead when we don’t know all of the answers, as long as we are certain about the vision, our calling and our purpose.  I believe this is why Jesus didn’t get distracted by, worry about or try to hide the fact He didn’t know the answer to a specific question.

Sometimes when leading through specific situations, the only thing we will be sure of is our vision, our calling and our purpose and its in those times that is all the certainty we should need.