Glad to See Me?

2 Samuel 23: 3-4
The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me: 
‘When one rules over people in righteousness, when he rules in the fear of God, he is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings grass from the earth.’


This is one of the most important scriptures on leadership for me.  As a young guy starting out to build a career, I wanted to prove myself worthy of leading.  I thought one of the keys to this would be to be feared by others.  I had seen this modeled in coaches, professors and previous employers and so I believed that to stand out and rise above others, I would have to do the same.

Then one day I read this passage in 2 Samuel and everything changed.  These are some of the last words of David, a guy who had been a conquering warrior and king.  He had all the power for a long time and he shares what he’d learned about leading people.  He says that if we are leading the way God wants us to lead, then our team will actually like us and be glad to see us.

If you have an Instagram account then you know how prevalent sunrise pictures are there.  Why? Because there is just something that encourages the heart and increases our faith when we see a beautiful sunrise. David tells us that is what it should be like for a team when a leader leads them the way God intends.  When a leader interacts with their team the result should be encouraged hearts and increased faith in the ones they lead.

So, when we’re trying to assess the quality of our leadership, one of the most important questions we can ask is, “Are they glad to see me?”